Our Approach

Swim Vegas has become very successful because we care about your children. Every season, we get parents telling us horror stories of instructors forcing children into the water or dunking them under the water. These practices cause life long trauma that can be avoided by some compassion and understanding. Fear at any age is not good; we don’t care how many people say it builds character. At Swim Vegas we do not force or pressure children, we work with the parents to understand their goals.

Our Story

This is why we come out to meet your children and make sure the child-instructor relationship is going to work. We do not spend our client’s money, but we are a premium service that is in high demand. It would be a major waste to start working with a child and they are terrified to work with a specific instructor. All new families receive a free 15 minute in water consultation with our instructors. We have been instructing children for long enough to see how a child is going to take to the water and a total stranger. Don’t be sad if it’s not this summer… every child is different.

Please feel free to talk with Jarvis further when you call, he personally speaks with every new prospective client and loves to chat about early childhood development. (His wife is a kindergarten teacher)

Next Steps...

Thank you for your interest in Swim Vegas!

If you have any questions or would like to set up a lesson you may contact us via phone: 702-480-4225 ... email or submit the contact form.