Private Lessons

Enjoy Private Swim Lessons in the comfort of your own pool.

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Semi-Private Lessons

We offer 2 on 1 lessons for all ages in our 30 minute sessions.

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Pre-School Program

Start your little ones early, children ages 3-5 years old.

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Since 1993

Why Swim Vegas?

We have become the premier in-home swim instructors because we focus on our core competency – bringing the class to the client. Parents tell us every season, “We want our children to be safe around the water.” Then why take them from where they will spend the majority of their time?

We also find that parents and children learn better One-on-One. Oh yes, mom and dad you read that correctl: Not only do our instructors teach the kids, we teach you.

With over 15 years of instruction, coaching, and swimming in Southern Nevada, Jarvis Marlow has discovered that engaged parents can assist in their own child’s swimming development far greater than any group class could offer. At Swim Vegas, we invite a parent or guardian to be attentive to our instruction.

If you will work with your child on the skills taught that day until the next class, your child will become a stronger swimmer faster than in a daily group program. Now that does not mean your child will be swimming right off the bat; please read our method and philosophy for a better understanding.

What I can guarantee to our new parents, Swim Vegas is dedicated to safety, fun, and promoting the swimming community in Southern Nevada.

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If you have any questions or would like to set up a lesson you may contact us via phone: 702-480-4225 ... email or submit the contact form.